Fabregas rumours heating up, after Wigan extinguish Arsenal fire

It looks like Barcelona are not only facing a tug of war with Real Madrid for the La Liga crown, but also for the services of Cesc Fabregas this summer, with rumours rife that a meeting between his father and Florentino Perez has taken place, starting to circulate in the Spanish press.

Fabregas has been consistently linked with a move back to Catalonia in the summer, as Arsenal look to end another season empty handed, but Real have emerged as serious contenders for his signature, as they look to throw money at their side which has again fallen short of its expectations for this campaign.

It is believed that Fabregas Snr attended the La Liga clash with Valencia on Sunday, before holding talks with Perez, and that Madrid are now poised to bid £60million for the midfielder in the summer, a move likely to start a bidding war with Barca, who have been linked with him for the past two seasons.

I think it would make more sense for Fabregas to head to Madrid, as he would walk straight into the side, whereas at Barca there is always the chance that he’ll be playing second fiddle to Xavi and Iniesta.

A great player no doubt, but whether or not he is on their level just yet I’m not sure, as he struggles to get in the Spain side as it is at the moment when those two are fit.

It could be an interesting summer for the two Spanish giants, especially if Barca lose out in the title race and Champion’s League, which is a possibility after letting Madrid back in the title race at the weekend and losing to Inter 3-1 last night.

I can’t see Fabregas waiting around at Arsenal much longer as they continue to miss out on silverwear season after season.

It’s likely that his father and agents are sounding out both clubs to see where he’ll get the best deal, as to me it looks as though his heart is set on being in Spain and not the Premier League.

If I had to put money on it though, I think he’ll be playing at Barca next season, as the temptation of playing for his boyhood club again will probably be the factor that sways the Spaniards decision.


4 responses to “Fabregas rumours heating up, after Wigan extinguish Arsenal fire

  1. He’d be an incredible signing for either side!
    Xabi Alonso, Ronaldo and Fabregas would be deadly trio next season, though. Wow.

    • Yes, and all three were in the prem this time last season, which makes me think will more follow this summer such as Vidic, Gerrard, Torres etc, as has been widely tipped in the press. I hope not, because if it is the case then our league is going to suffer.

  2. You’ve got a point about Fabregas heading to Madrid instead of Barca. There is no way he’s going to dislodge Xavi or Iniesta, but with him being a Catalan and all I’d be suprised if he goes to Madrid. I think he’ll stay one more season with Arsenal and then head off.

  3. quirksthemagpie

    I would suspect that a summer in South Africa spent on the bench, or at best used as an impact sub as he was in Euro 2008 to such effect (Xavi passed opponents to death, Fabregas ran them ragged when he came on in the second half), would almost certainly cause him to abandon his plans to move to Barca.

    That said, note the wording. I don’t doubt he has plans. Aaron’s suggestion that it would be more likely to happen in 2011 seems somewhat plausible, but I remember reading Arsenal broke their wage ceiling to keep him (not only making him their first £100,000-a-week player but backdating that level of pay to the start of the current contract!) and I think he’ll be a Gunner for several more years.

    That said, Wenger could have been really smart and sold him, picking up £40m+ for someone who would be stuck on the bench at his new club, and spending the proceeds on Chamakh, Frey and a central defender.

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