Ronaldo to sue over party allegations

Judging by their performance at the Bernabeu last weekend, Real Madrid’s players might as well have gone out on the town the night before! Soundly beaten by Barcelona 2-0 in their own back yard, and now looking well out of the race to win back the La Liga Crown, it looks like the season may be over for Madrid, with their end of season shindig the only thing to look forward to!

Claims this week though suggested that Cristiano Ronaldo had preempted the club’s plight, throwing all-night parties before and after “El Gran Clasico” at his Madrid home, a story angrily dismissed by the former World Player of the Year.

Whether or not the Madrid players did or didn’t get boozy in the early hours either side of the clash, I couldn’t help but laugh at the wording of Ronaldo’s “official” statement on the subject.

Although fluent in English, comments such as “not one iota of truth in it” and “intolerably depreciating to my dignity”, made me feel that the Portugeezer may have had a little assistance in piecing together his comeback.

Here is Ronaldo’s plead of innocence, in his own words!

“It has come to my attention that in the programme ‘Salva-Me’ on Spanish television channel Telecinco, there were references made to alleged parties held at my house, one on Friday, the eve of the game against Barcelona, which reportedly lasted until five in the morning, and one on Saturday night itself, interspersed with several comments which were intolerably depreciating to my dignity and my professionalism.

“I categorically refute such accusations, which are completely false and delusional: there is really not even one iota of truth in them.

“With a game the next day, it is more than obvious that I spent Friday night resting and, on Saturday night, my spirit was anything but festive.

“Considering the gravity of the charges, I have instructed my lawyers to, without any reflection, use all legal means to restore the truth of the matter and ensure that those responsible are punished to the fullest extent legally provided.”


One response to “Ronaldo to sue over party allegations

  1. What a fanny!

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